How to Interview a Prospective Hamilton Real Estate Agent to Sell your Property

Suppose you have identified a few realtors who seem like reliable candidates to sell your property and have checked their official websites. The next step in your search for the best Hamilton real estate agent is to schedule an in-person meeting with a prospective agent. Allow an hour or more to show the agent your property and discuss various issues associated with the sale. Some of the important topics you may want to discuss include;

The real estate agents background and training

It is recommended to hire a real estate agent who is licensed, which means he or she has met the minimum levels of training, education, and testing. You are likely to get an agent with a higher level of education if you choose to work with a broker (someone who oversees ordinary real estate agents). Ask the Hamilton real estate agent if he or she is a member of RAHB (Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington) or any other reputable trade association.

Experience in Hamilton’s property market

Look for a Hamilton real estate agent with at least three years of experience selling commercial or residential properties in Hamilton. The agent must have a track record selling properties like yours – in terms of property type and geographical location. For instance, an agent who has been selling new houses in a planned housing unit development may not be the best realtor for your 40-year old suburban ranch home.

The recommended sales price for your property

Hamilton Real Estate Agent
Hamilton Real Estate Agent

You love your property. This kind of emotional attachment and other issues unrelated to the property’s true market value could influence sound judgment when determining the asking price for a property. Letting any emotion (be it financial desire or nostalgia) drive up your home’s asking price is an amateur mistake that could cost you money and other resources.

Those floor scratches and nicks that send you on an adventurous trip down the memory lane tell a different story to property buyers. They are damages that must be addressed quickly and no buyer will offer even a few extra bucks in the way of value to them. After all, buyers don’t know about you and the amazing memories you associate with the property. They are just looking for a house to call their own and begin creating their own memories.

The point is; determining the right price for your property is more a science than art. Just think about it; the price for your home has already been established by the property market. There’s a relatively narrow price range that prospective buyers will consider for a specific property with particular features in their preferred neighborhood. An experienced Hamilton real estate agent can help you set the right asking price for your property. Setting an extremely high price means no one will be interested in your property and setting a low price means you will lose thousands of dollars on the sale.

Proven results

When selling your property, the worst nightmare is the thought of your house sitting on the property market for months. So, it is in your best interest to hire a Hamilton real estate agent with proven results. Ask about the number of homes the agent sold last year while representing a seller. Find out the average time from the property’s listing date to the contract date of the property sale. Be sure to hire an agent with proven results.

Property marketing plan

Today’s property market is competitive and you need more than just high-quality property photographs to sell your home. Find out how the real estate agent intends to bring your property to the attention of the prospective buyers and why he or she believes the suggested strategies will work for your property. If the agent does not take out ads in newspapers or do open houses, and you think those could be effective ways to sell your home, find out why.

Preparation work you need to do prior to listing the property

A good Hamilton real estate agent should offer professional advice on the prep work that would make your property more marketable. Part of the recommended prep work includes major downsizing of the property’s furniture, painting, yard cleanup, and other spiffing up. If your house is old, the agent may recommend a professional inspection by a licensed contractor to uncover hidden issues that could compromise your property’s structural integrity.

Hire a reliable Hamilton real estate agent

Your final choice should be based on the factors discussed above and intangibles such as how detail-oriented and organized the agent is. Once you have found the Hamilton real estate agent you want to work with, draw up an agreement that clearly spells out the details including the specific commission required.

How is the housing market in Hamilton?

The housing market in Hamilton is on the upswing. There have been a lot of new housing developments around the city.

Is Hamilton a good investment?

Hamilton is a good investment for those who plan to buy and hold real estate for the long run.
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How do I find the best real estate agent in my area?

You can get recommendations from people you know or look for real estate agents who have been in business the longest, are members of the local real estate boards, have a high customer-satisfaction rating, or have won awards for their business practices.

Mackay Realty Network offers a range of real estate services in the Hamilton, Ontario area. You can find the best real estate agent in your area by visiting the company’s website and searching for real estate agents in your area.

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