The Mackay Realty Network is a team of professionals that work towards ensuring that our clients are able to achieve their goals and create wealth that will span generations. We are able to do this effectively through the many systems and experts we have put in place.


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What Our Clients Say

Michelle Lawrence
Michelle LawrenceGoogle ★★★★★
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So, I purchased my second Hamilton property with the help of Adrian Pannozzo and a little help from Sandy MacKay. While the purchase went very smoothly, the rest of the adventure has been gruelling 🙁 What I appreciate most is that Adrian and Sandy have never left me hanging. They provide a full service package and are conscionable people. Adrian has never hesitated to share how he achieved success in the Real Estate market, the ups and downs, his expertise is unparalleled.
PugzGoogle ★★★★★
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Very kind, helpful and insightful. I would recommend the MacKay group to anyone buying their first home!
KristanGoogle ★★★★★
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The whole team is absolutely lovely! Professional and knowledgeable without being stuffy. Experts on investing, since they are all investors themselves and always on top of what's happening in the market
Ben Haffie
Ben HaffieGoogle ★★★★★
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MacKay realty was incredible. They helped my buy and sell in Hamilton. Highly recommended.
Siamak Manzarpour
Siamak ManzarpourGoogle ★★★★★
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Young, energetic and personable professionals. It's been a pleasure working with Kate and Sandy.
Siamak Manzarpour
Siamak ManzarpourGoogle ★★★★★
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I have dealt with David Belanger to help us sell our house in these difficult times and I have been greatly impressed with his work. He has been great to work with, helpful and helped us get an amazing sale. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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