3 Benefits of Owning Property in Barrie, Ontario

Barrie has been referred to as a small town wearing big city pants, it is one of the fastest-growing residential and commercial cities in Ontario, Canada. By virtue of its location, it enables easy travel and commute options. Have you ever thought about Owning Property in Barrie, Ontario?

The City of Barrie is also a Real Estate Haven with its peaceful and graceful surroundings; which makes it immensely popular with locals and visitors alike. It has all the charm of a small town enriched with a deep cultural heritage. Barrie’s downtown continues to develop but is home to some great bars and local favourites.

Advantages of owning property in Barrie

owning property in Barrie

If you ask a resident what the best parts of Barrie are, they’ll say the waterfront is awesome, and recommend that you take walks along the beach and the boardwalk. They’ll say that there are a ton of trails to hike and that normally (pre-covid) there are festivals or something exciting happening downtown every weekend. 

They’ll tell you that Barrie is known for high rental prices and their close proximity to both Toronto and Muskoka make it an ideal place to commute. It can be a great city if you get out and explore. 

If you’re a skier or a snowboarder, check out Snow valley just outside the city of Horseshoe which is a little farther out. Ice fishing is big in Barrie where conditions permit and the area has a number of skating rinks in the winter. The area gets a ton of snow so you can typically find a bunch of snowmobile trails.

If you explore, you can also find some quiet parks that are really wonderful. Sunnidale park for instance,  is a former golf course that was taken over by the city and is a favourite of most people. It has been a park for 50 years and it has great walking paths and an arboretum.

Besides amazing outdoor scenery, here are two of the biggest benefits that Investors should know about owning property in Barrie:

1.  Flourishing Economy

owning property in Barrie

Barrie is arguably one of the most rapidly growing municipalities in Ontario. It has a rising economy with unemployment rates going down persistently. Barrie provides an easy access route to Toronto, thereby throwing open an entire array of employment opportunities for residents. Owning property in Barrie will yield immense benefits, especially for those looking into real estate.

2.  Crime Rates Are Low

Day-to-day safety is necessary for your peace of mind along with that of your loved ones.  Barrie guarantees for this peace since it has been ranked as a safe place to live, in accordance with the national statistics of Canada. 

Looking for eclectic places to eat in Barrie, here are some places to check out:

1.  Urban Dish, Location: 367 Yonge St.

Urban Dish is renowned all over Barrie for hiring the best staff! The staff-both cooking and serving- ensures that you enjoy your meal to the fullest! This place offers a highly assorted menu featuring diverse cuisines..

2.  Herb N’ Sage, Location: 559 Essa Rd D6

Herb N’ Sage is perfect if you want delicious meals at low prices.  The wait service is excellent as well. It is an amazing place to have a quick, healthy lunch.

3.  Pho Mekong, Location: 555 Essa Rd.

This spot is ideal to visit on a cold day.  If you are a pho fan, this spot is a must-visit in Barrie.

If you have been thinking about owning property in Barrie, let us know and we can help you find a home that you’ll love for generations.


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