11 Important Reasons to Sell a Property With MRN

Client Concierge

Your dedicated client concierge team is on standby for anything you need to sell a property. We’re here to coordinate everything needed to make your unique selling experience a great one, with great results. From coordinating contractors and cleaners, or junk removal, we will make it all happen, so you don’t have to.

Social Media Marketing

sell a property

Many realtors will say they have a great social media plan to sell your house, but do they have a fully dedicated marketing team working 24/7 solely on marketing your property?

ISA/OSA Team that can sell a property

Our full time inbound and outbound sales team works the phones all day long to buyers for our sellers.

Our team of phone experts talks to 40,000+ people on the phone every month to help promote your listing to potential buyers. This is at least 38,840 more people contacted on the phone each month than the average realtor.


When you work with MRN, part of our commission earned goes directly to one of the 4 main charities we’ve chosen to partner with. You get to decide which one we contribute to on your behalf. Because of our constant focus on building and preserving wealth, we not only focus on success, we focus on significance. A huge part of “significance” to us means giving back to our local communities where we live. We do this by donating our time to these charities, and by donating money from every single one of our commission cheques.

In 2019 we donated over $25,000 for local charities just form our commissions earned.

Top Realtor Network in the world

Every listing of ours gets posted on over 300 websites across the world. With the amount of immigration happening in Canada, specifically in the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe, you never know where your buyer may come from.

We are you local realtors with a global reach. Our direct network of realtors include over 180,000 realtors in 35+ countries. Your listing is instantly connected to all of these realtors to ensure we get global reach.

Professional Photography

sell a property

First impressions count. 97% of buyers start their property search online they filter through hundreds, even thousands of photos to find the best properties.

We only have a split second to captivate a buyer’s attention and have your listing stand out from the rest. Our top quality photos help to stop the buyer in their tracks.

Professional photography, with a creative eye for every listing is our standard. Our images are shot with wide-angle lenses, are high-resolution and always unfiltered.

Professional Video Team

Home video tours are done by our professional videographer team. With 80% of global internet consumption now being video content, many properties need video to optimize our marketing strategy. Our highly trained video crew will ensure your property’s video is highly engaging and shareable online to ensure the most views possible.

Open House Program

We throw great open houses and we commit to holding at least one open house every week at your property until we sell it. Most buyers who go through an open house do not decide to put in an offer right away. They require follow up and often a little extra push in order to follow through and make you an offer. We follow up relentlessly with every open house attendee to ensure we get you the most interest possible, and hopefully a great qualified buyer.

Artificial Intelligence

Our company is revolutionizing the way real estate is sold. With 2+ years of dedication to building an artificial intelligence platform, we’ve changed the buyers and sellers do business.

Experts on wealth creation and preservation
Building generational wealth is our #1 focus. It’s so important, that we put it right there in our slogan

Professional support team

We work with top quality professionals in complementary industries who help create a great experience for our clients. These are companies we use ourselves regularly and have been interviewed and qualified by our team to make sure we are referring you only the best people to work with.


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